AJS & Matchless Owners Club

East Suffolk Section

Section Notes 19th October 2013

copdock 2013 g

In mid-September around a dozen members were at the Henham steam rally, a regular event in our calendar, and one that seems to get bigger every year. Certainly, the bike line-up, limited to classics, was overflowing its allocated space. Whilst there was a lot to see in the show, the jumble was mainly cars and tractors, so few finds of bike bits. Having two wheels is an advantage for a quick getaway at the end of the show and an lovely fast run down the A12 completed a good day out. The following evening, to mark the end of the summer’s evening runs, 28 members enjoyed a splendid Glow-worm Supper at the Section’s HQ. With waitress service, the golf club provides a really good value meal. Thanks to all those who devise the interesting routes, these runs are some of the best-supported events in our programme. Top men, every one.

At the Copdock bike show at the county Showground in October, this year’s Club raffle bike combined with nine members’ bikes to make a fine display on the Section stand, which was buzzing with activity all day. Some were visitors with queries about their machines, but the most interesting was a couple wanting identification of a bike in a family photo. Apparently, it was buried at the outbreak of WW2 behind the air-raid shelter in the garden to avoid being requisitioned. They wanted to know whether it was worth digging out, but, understandably, didn’t say where it is. Close study of the picture, however, revealed it was almost certainly a Model X so the answer was a definite yes!! Celia and Chris, our skilled raffle-ticket sellers were busy till the close, selling over 800 during the day to equal last year’s total. Albert, our chairman, presented the Roy Stock Shield, for the best machine of the marque to Mick D., whose gleaming 1929 Matchless model V2 was recently completed after a nut-and- bolt restoration of what was a derelict machine. Members helped as always in speedy setting up and dismantling, but special thanks need to go to Mel, who endured a frustrating weekend coping with a burst tyre on the trailer borrowed for show-stand transport. After a struggle with the wheelnuts, it emerged that the spare was completely the wrong wheel and to cap it all, a national tyre company refused to fit a new tyre as they claimed they weren’t qualified to fit tubed tyres! You really couldn’t make it up.