AJS & Matchless Owners Club

East Suffolk Section

Section Notes 16th November 2012

The informal bar meets at the Turk’s Head, the Section’s former base, resumed for the winter in October. Despite another change in manager since we were there last, the beer’s still cheap and nothing else has changed, so the plan is still to finish there for the December’s Cold Turkey run. There was only half the expected number for the Saturday pub lunch at Barham, with Mel the only one on two wheels. Maybe, with so many events such as jumbles on offer in the space of 3 weeks at Kempton, Kettleburgh and Great Blakenham there’s too much to fit in.
We were surprised when we arrived at Waldringfield for club night and the car park was solid with cars. Apparently, it was for a meeting of the local Rotary club in the main room -we couldn’t imagine Mick and Chris’s Bits in the Bag had attracted all those dozens of new members at once! Mick delights in finding bits to puzzle us, but first, there was quite a lot of routine business to cover. Best wishes to Peter Haddon who has been having chemotherapy recently, so is housebound and had to send details of the finances. Richard also gave a report of the Sunday run; there was an update from Albert on the supply of the suggested lapel badges and details of the Alternative Jampot from Dave and Andy. They reported that it was well-organised and that they had enjoyed the weekend, despite some mechanical hiccups. A photo of Dave repairing his head gasket had appeared in the Jampot, but Andy’s worsening clutch trouble on the return journey was only dealt with by a rebuild at home.
Then, silence fell whilst we gave Mick’s bags our fumbling attention. There was the expected inclusion of a  “foreigner” to tease us, but with a spread of items from heavyweight and lightweight models. At the close, there were plenty of answers but not many correct ones, so eventual scores were low and all credit to Storm and Pete R who finished with a score of 60 %.  Our thanks to Mick and Chris for a good evening.
The next pub lunch is booked for Kettleburgh on 24th November and we’ll be at the Chequers about 12.30 if anyone wants to come along. Before the next club night, a pre-65 trial is being held at Boxford on Dec 8th, and a group often goes over to watch. Ring Albert if you want to go. December’s meeting will take the traditional form of a not-too-serious quiz, set by Albert this year, to be followed by a buffet and the raffle (where everyone brings a prize and gets to take one home). On the evidence of the meal we had in the autumn, the buffet supper could be generous, so don’t eat much beforehand!