AJS & Matchless Owners Club

East Suffolk Section

Section notes 16th February 2011

In East Suffolk, it was suggested at the end of last year that for the winter months, we might gather informally in between monthly club meetings for an additional get-together at the pub. This idea has taken off quite well, with over a dozen clustered round the fire in the bar in late January. It was quite a useful chance to catch up with news and gossip, particularly as club night had been dominated by the AGM and programme discussions, giving little time to swop vital technical information and so on.

Discussions are continuing about the logistics of getting to County Durham for the Jampot and it looks as if the East Suffolk Formation Rallying Team will be there in full strength, although it must be said that since this scribe originally comes from the area, one or two discreetly asked whereabouts it is exactly!

February generally proves to be a quieter month, with members no doubt beavering away behind the scenes to amaze us all with gleaming rebuilds, come the spring, but by the time you read this, our 2011 events calendar should be published. Its details were revealed by Richard at clubnight   and the leaders for the evening runs volunteered or, according to your viewpoint, were cornered into agreement. However, Sunday runs will continue to be led by Dave, since he generally seems to know the way to everywhere.  This is always impressive and we take good care of him as a result. There will be fewer shows on the list this year though, as the programme just got too frantic last year. A number of events got added later on at the recommendation of individual members- really good shows we really must go to, said they- and then, with so many extra events coming close together, several runs became thinly supported as a result.

This year’s shakedown run will be the Treasure Hunt as usual, closely followed by the eastern counties inter-section meet, which will be at Sible Hedingham again since that venue was so successful last year. Indeed, it was so successful that when some of us called in the following week on the way back from another event, the pub was were still out of bitter and waiting for supplies! The visit to the Maldon powder-coating establishment planned for the end of January had to be postponed at their request and it will now be happening in March, so anyone wishing to join the party should contact Richard pronto.