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Section Notes 15th April 2012

15th  April 2012

As a result of the date unfortunately clashing with Kempton Park jumble and other distractions, numbers at the last wintertime pub lunch at the Ferryboat were very depleted. The following day, there was a jumble on our own patch, at Wantisden. Not much bike content, though, on a windswept field, very different from the glorious weather on that same site for the 2007 Jampot rally.

When we moved our main meetings to Waldringfield, we intended to keep our foot in the door at the Turk’s Head so as to be able to finish events there in the future. The usual informal get-together of a dozen or so at the end of March meant we could meet the young couple who have taken over as managers and we noticed they have already made a few slight improvements. Since the seats by the fire were occupied, we were invited to sit for our natter in the empty restaurant section, which was amusing as under the last management, we had been made to feel sitting there was unwelcome. The new landlord later brought some bowls of titbits from the kitchen, so with his past experience in grasstrack racing, he is pronounced OK and we should get on well!
The riding season got underway in April with the Treasure Hunt, efficiently organised by Brian and Celia. Eight shining bikes, fresh from winter fettling, set off from Spencer’s Garage. It was bright at first but flurries of hail kept the riders from getting too warm as they solved the various clues. No-one got lost and at the finish, back at Hasketon, Dave was declared the winner, so will get the Pathfinder Shield at next month’s meeting. Someone suggested it could be renamed the Frostbite event and certainly, the pub’s hot soup and Sunday roasts were very welcome.

Ed Abbott’s talk on military motorbikes for April’s club meeting kept everyone fascinated. With the extra space available now, we were able to have his WD bike in the meeting room, with his display of literature, riders’ clothing and equipment spread out on tables. He started by outlining how bikes were used by the army in wartime and the features that made the Matchless the riders’ bike of choice.  He then described the army’s training scheme, the role of the army rider and his equipment. His wide knowledge of the subject was evident and he was able to add some extra details from his own experiences with riding in D-Day re-enactment events and the evening passed quickly.
Jim leads the evening run on 9th May, ending at The Wheelhouse at Naughton. The start of that run is not published in the programme but will be at 7.30pm in the A14/A137 lay-by.

Date of next club night: Monday 14th May 2012