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Section Notes 24th July 2015

24th  July 2015
Section Notes

The evening runs continue to be very well-supported. The run to Framlingham at the end of June, again led by Mick, was a fast one, as everyone knew the way and it finished at the pub outside Andy Tiernan’s emporium. Unfortunately, this was one this scribe missed, when a fuel tap malfunction at the end of a full and busy day was the last straw. Rob Day was in charge of 16 riders later in July for his run up to Brandeston, returning via Otley to the Moon and Mushroom at Swilland
The Sunday run was a different story. Jack had planned a long run to finish at Sizewell Gap for a bite of lunchat the cafe. After the disappointment of missing the evening run, my CSR was prepared in good time. Under a darkening sky, drizzle on the way to the start had turned to more serious stuff by the time I arrived, to find only Jack and Brian, with Celia, sheltering at Spencer’s Garage.  We waited a while but no others came and the decision was taken to call it off. The rain had been moving slowly east across towards Woodbridge, so everyone else had got it first,apparently.However, I enjoyed the ride and my kit dried out in only a couple of days!It is hoped that we can plan to give Jack the opportunity to do the run soon.
At July’s club meeting, plans were being finalised for the trip to the Jampot rally, with quite a number planning to do the full weekend. The tickets for the Section barbecue on August 1st at Chris and Mick’s house in Ipswich were on sale (amazingly still only £4 including a dessert)but can also be reserved by phone until Jim’s evening run a few days before.