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Richard T’s 1959 G11CS 600cc scrambler twin

I purchased this bike about 14 years ago from a local dealer and is a 1959 G11CS 600cc OHV Scrambler Twin with a genuine CS frame, with a quick detachable headlamp which assumedly meant you rode your bike to the event, took the headlamp off by undoing 2 bolts and then pulling a multiway plug out of the socket at the bottom of it and away you went across the fields. It was a chronic wet sumper, but the engine was “Saggered” and all is now well. A G11CS got a “Silver” at the 1960 ISDT.
My bike has the alternator version of the engine unit and coil ignition and has had an external oil filter system fitted. This does relieve the tendency of the thin paper gasket between the crankcase halves to blow oil from beneath the two cylinder barrels.Matchless G12CS

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