AJS & Matchless Owners Club

East Suffolk Section

Richard R’s 1952 Tele-rigid G3L

Here is the winner of the section’s stand at the 2015 Copdock Show, held at the Suffolk Showground October4th.

This motorcycle was restored to its original specification in 2004 by the previous owner,DSC01146DSC01148 who did an excellent job.  The current, third, owner of the bike bought it about two years ago with a thick preservative layer of oil sprayed all over and 35,000 miles on the clock.  Rust had unfortunately got to some of the fixtures and fittings but the oil had done a good job, only needing a lot of work to remove it!

The bike had stood unused for 10 years so the fuel tank had a thorough clean out and, to the owner’s delight, once filled with fuel, etc., it started up first kick and ticks over nicely.

The machine has the Burman B52 gearbox introduced in ’52 and the new alloy front brake backplate.  Chrome was in short supply (Korean war) and, as can be seen on this bike silvered (“argenised”) wheel rims appeared for the duration.