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Peter H’s 1960 Matchless G3

peter Haddons 1960 G3This is my 1960 Matchless G3 single, which was bought for me as a surprise present by my wife in 1986 for the sum of £500. It had previously belonged to my father-in-law for three years. The owner before that was a Norwich motor cycle shop owner who was closing his business and selling off his collection. It was the shop owner that restored the bike in 1970 as a hobby project.

It came to me in fair condition, but to maintain its appearance I have had to have a new seat because the old one developed a split in the metal underneath the padding. Luckily my son was able to build a stainless steel replacement to the exact dimensions. The only other new parts are a set of tyres, a battery, one spark plug and a coil. Not bad for a bike that is 51 years old and has covered 70,634 miles.