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Jim’s AJS/Triumph/Norton show winner

Jim's hybrid

(Winner of the Trevor Bailey Award at the 2013 Jampot Rally, for the most innovative bike at the rally), Jim writes:”I never went out to build this particular hybrid, but I had the frame and engine and one day I realised that the two could be mated together.The frame is from a 1958 M30 and the engine is 1955 ish pre-unit T100 driving though an AMC gearbox. I have modified the frame rear loop to mimic a CSR complete with rearsets.The engine has 9.5 :1 pistons and E3134 camshafts, and is tilted forward at 7degrees.Ignition is magneto with 12 volt alternator lighting.Front forks and wheel are Norton Dominator.The bike is a rolling project any problems solved in use. I’ve finally ordered some tank knee rubbers!”
If you fancy owning it,  the bike is for sale @£3500 contact Jim on 01473 682996 (Suffolk)