AJS & Matchless Owners Club

East Suffolk Section

Alan Jones 1932 – 2010

100_0903The East Suffolk section members are very sad to hear of the demise of Alan Jones.
Alan always attended our events , when we had our British Bike Meet he was always there , at our Post Christmas Cold Turkey run , Alan would be waiting at Spencers Garage at Martlesham often before the section memebers arrived and if the weather was bad (does it snow in Colchester?) Alan would always turn up on a bike , either his combination or in later years his Moto Guzzi.The Cold Turkey run is often on very narrow lanes , the look on car drivers faces as Alan put the wheel of his sidecar in the air and onto the bank riding round their car was indeed a sight to see.
Alan had a very strange sense of humour and would always be winding us up , so long as you ignored this and saw the “Gent ” that was underneath the bravado , you had a really good friend.
Alan would always do things for others , he intended to try and ride to every section within a sensible radius of home to raise money for charity, when he came to us , he spent so much time talking he forgot to collect the money!
We saw Alan at those Jampot Rallies local to him , at Brentwood Alan took his caravan , the East Suffolk transport nearly didn’t make it when Alberts landrover broke down, Alan made us a cup of tea and tried to work out if we could all sleep in the caravan.
He attended the 2007 Jampot at Wantisden , bringing his wife. They had such a good time that they both went to Kimbolton in 2009.
We last saw Alan at the Intersection meet at Sible Hedingham , he was on his combination , the sidecar he had hand made , the finish and construction have to be seen to be believed.
Alan was one of the last of a breed , Biscuit from Kent was another who springs to mind , people with a knowledge of all thing AMC and the skill to put that knowledge to use through their ability with their hands.
He will be missed.