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Section Notes 16th March 2012

16th March 2012

East Suffolk members took over the whole of the dining area of the Sutton Plough for their winter pub lunch at the end of February, with several tempted by the bright sunshine to turn out on bikes — all this two-wheeliness making the rest feeling so guilty and inadequate that they rushed home to finish their winter fettling. Or maybe not! Either way, it’s always a good reason to meet up and the meal was good with memorable pecan pie desserts tackled by some of us.

Turning now to what we’ve done lately and what we’re planning, most of the faithful were to be seen at the Blakenham jumble, sifting the useful from the rusty tat. Indeed there were some bargains to be had: for instance, someone went home rejoicing with a mint condition topbox for less than a tenner and another with a bargain pair of heads for an early G9. A lot of discussion at February’s informal night in the bar at the Turk’s Head completed the detail of run leaders for the summer programme of events, so this has now been published. (On the website if you haven’t got one) After we arranged to move our main meetings to Waldringfield, Tessa and Jim have since (quite coincidentally) left the Turk’s so we shall soon go to talk to the new managers who have replaced them and we can arrange the details for the finish of both the Treasure Hunt and the Charity Run at Hasketon.

At the new HQ at Waldringfield, we noted on March clubnight that our framed Section badge has now been put up prominently in the entrance of the Golf club.  Much of the discussion in the meeting was about the item in the Jampot magazine regarding the spares scheme and the experiences of members who had tried to order from it. It was hoped that with the new manager things would improve. When Richard did a headcount of members going to the International rally, it seems that there will be as many as usually go to the August Jampot. The bar manager confirmed the date for the next meeting in April as, to avoid Easter Monday, it will be on APRIL 2nd, not the usual Monday. We are looking forward to it for two reasons. Firstly it will by then be light in the evening, but particularly because our member Ed Abbott is bringing his wartime army machine and paraphernalia to talk about the wartime Matchless and its rider.

The summer activities start soon with the Treasure Hunt that Brian and Celia have been preparing and the following week, we’re off to see other members of the Club at the inter-section meet with an attractive new venue, Andrewsfield airfield in Essex, following last year’s disappointment at the pub in Sible Hedingham. In addition, regular evening runs start in April, so our lads have probably been busy at home clocking up extra brownie points in readiness!