AJS & Matchless Owners Club

East Suffolk Section

Section Notes 16th August 2012

After a disappointing barbecue last year in pouring rain at the Turk’s Head, we were pleased to accept the offer from Chris and Mick to hold the Section’s annual event in their lovely garden during July. They were blessed with a warm sunny afternoon that turned out to be the start of the long-expected summer, so with the assistance of Tom along with others to do the hot job and some delicious desserts to follow, it really was a memorable event. Many thanks to all involved.

In August a run was led by Dave to go down into deep Essex to the bike meet at the Langford Museum of Power. Whilst there they met Roy Bellett, “Il Presidente” and his minders from East London and although not so many bikes were on display, they enjoyed a good look round. This scribe had to miss the run since the twin was out of action but apparently, they rode dry both ways but on wet roads, following the rain clouds along.

The two good evening runs to report were in opposite directions.  The first was to the regular bike night in the village of Great Bentley in Essex and Graham led the way. The interest there is mainly in the wide spectrum of modern bikes that gather together, so some members gave the event a miss but all those who went enjoyed an interesting evening. For a run out to Orford and the Jolly Sailor early in August, Jack led off fifteen riders at his normal tempo (molto vivace). Jack is renowned for finding some newly-gravelled roads for his runs but there were none on this occasion. At this time of the year, though, it’s usually hay wagons and combines to look out for instead! The fast lads peeled off to go directly via the A12, but without telling the leader, which caused a little confusion at the back so that when the tail-enders realised the situation and set off to catch up with Jack, their brisk pace would certainly have satisfied anyone’s need for speed!

At August’s section meeting we were pleased to meet a recently-joined Club member from Ipswich, Steve, who has recently become the proud owner of a 1952 G9 and is exploring the joys of classic bikes after ones with the pedals on the wrong side. There will be ten members at the Kelso Jampot Rally so final arrangements were being sorted out for travel and camping. The evening’s main topic of discussion revolved round the details for social events for the autumn and winter. Albert will begin taking names for a new order for badged section T-shirts etc in September, to be delivered before Christmas. Along with the traditional Glow Worm Supper that tops off the evening runs and the buffet that has always accompanied the December quiz night, the committee had been asked to explore the idea of a dinner at the golf club at some time early in the new year. Richard outlined the sample menus the manager had sent and a discussion followed to see what level of event people want. Taking account of members’ comments, the committee will now make detailed arrangements.