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Section Notes 15th May 2010

15th  May 2010
Section Report-East Suffolk
East Suffolk riders turned out in force to ride to the eastern counties inter-section meet at the new venue at Sible Hedingham. Lots of chat and banter as usual, and a good, well-attended get-together with plenty of bike-parking space. On the return trip Dave had to find a diversion to avoid the road works in Sudbury that had caused over a half-hour’s hold-up in the morning. (For some reason, we almost always have a problem with Sudbury, usually of runs getting completely separated. On one famous occasion the leading pack was glimpsed briefly by the stragglers but, inexplicably, going in the opposite direction, before they disappeared—and we never did meet up again! )

The annual treasure hunt, devised by Felixstowe Pete this year, was on the 25th and attracted a good turnout. A light drizzle during the morning risked making the quiz sheets soggy, but the roads soon dried and once back at Hasketon, Richard emerged the winner. As an extra event the previous day, a group had ridden to Dunmow to join a fantastic visit, arranged by North Essex section, to the firm that restores and works on Rolls Royce cars, returning with many awestruck tales. One lucky lady member got to sit in the Rolls of someone famous, apparently! Some of the party called for lunch at the pub where we’d had the meet the previous weekend, only to find that there was no draught beer as we’d drunk it all.

At the end of the month, a record number of riders were at Martlesham for that landmark in the programme, the First Evening Run. Led by Richard, it concluded at the Brewery Tap, down by the Ipswich waterside. The Sunday of the run to Wings and Wheels at Henham Park was decidedly chilly, but the show is one we always enjoy and the Section managed to line up a good selection of machines. The flying display was as good as ever but no-one volunteered for wing–walking on the biplanes. Possibly because of the entry charge and the grey morning, both the public and the displayed cars and bikes were sparse this year. A shame, because the sun came out later and when we left separately at the end, it felt like a different day. Richard, Albert and Brian with Celia aboard enjoyed a super ride home on the quiet coastal route via Aldeburgh. Pure magic.