AJS & Matchless Owners Club

East Suffolk Section

Paul M’s 1956 Matchless G11

I purchased this machine one year ago from a Suffolk dealer, Village Motorcycles.  I happened to be out on a ride with fellow section member Brian and we decided to have a look in on the dealer we were passing. The G11 was being prepared for sale and looked very smart.  Brian pointed out that it was almost identical to the one I had when an apprentice carpenter many years ago and after more hustle and pressure from him I decided I would go ahead and buy it as it seemed to be in such good condition.
Two weeks later I paid a large sum of money (the cost of true love) and the bike was mine.  I noticed a small oil leak and the dealer said it would sort itself out once the bike was regularly ridden (I’ve never known an oil leak to solve itself!).  There was also a problem with lack of electrical charge.  Despite advice from our learned seer, Jack Worthington, whose knowledge of bike electrics is the subject of much awe and wonder, this problem has not yet managed to be resolved and a current house move is preventing my 24-hour commitment to solving it myself.Jim Manning's 1957 G11